High winds with Nordwind

Hello. Today I bring a picture well more like a screenshot I took while on my way from FACT to FAOR in the new 772 on the Expert server. The landing was nice although it was a little rocky but I managed to land it well and taxi to the gate. Now I’ve done enough talking so here’s the picture

Thanks for Reading and have a nice day. And also please share any constructive criticism if any.

Nice picture, but Nordwind Airlines is a Russian airline. Not a Airline in Africa.🤣 Nice Angle


Thanks. I wanted to use that livery as I don’t use it as much so I gave it a go and it did produce a nice picture


No rules on that so no worries lol

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Which direction was the wind coming from

I can’t remember all I know is that it looked like a S.E. Wind direction


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Nice, a nice picture! The Nordwind livery is growing on me, I like the red tail. Nice editing, like the slight vignette.

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