High up in KSFO

Went up to see how high I could manage. Comment below if you’ve done better without a bug or glitch of some sort :)

“The beauties of altitude”

You look like Sandra Bullock in “Gravity”.


I’ve hit FL1100 once

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Comment of the day.


Haha not sure how to take that ;)

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Lol nice nice in what aircraft?

F-22. This was a while though

Okay interesting

This better of been on casual lol.

Well, I may or may not have flown a SOFIA up to 51,000 on Expert…

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Higher than Snoopy by the looks of it.

I regularly cruise Hawaii region @ FL510+, FL600 isn’t uncommon.

I will to so and I’ll get to FL800. In the F-22.

FL800 is hard to keep up below about M2.00

I was at 53,000 in live during a very long flight. It’s funny how slow your AS is.

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