High Speed Stall

Okay,so I was flying from BOM-MEL at FL390 M:-0.85 and just A few mins back I got three violations,upon checking I saw that the plane had entered A stall at M:-0.85,this has never happened in all these years of playing IF,can anyone explain what happened,cause encountering A stall at M:-0.85 is quite off.😬

iPad Pro
iPadOs 17.2

This is when it stalled,you can see the speed

That’s a very long flight so I’m guessing you were too heavy.

To help find the source of your problem I’ll ask two questions:

  1. What aircraft were you flying?
  2. What was your load at the time you reached FL390?

Load at departure was 80%,but assuming the heavy load,the stall should’ve occurred quite early on,no? This occurred just an hour prior to landing 😬

Did you fly straight up to FL390?

Nope,step climb

What was your load when you reached FL390?

Unsure,how can I check?

Normally before step climbing you check your load to ensure the situation you’re experiencing, a stall.

I’m pretty sure you climbed to FL390 while still being too heavy. And sometimes the stall can be very long and you might not notice it before an hour or so.

It has nothing to do with the weight I believe.
As IAS at 180 would be around Mach 0.60 and his is still at .85.

Feel like it is indeed a bug, either coordination between data and physics, or display error.

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That’s what I had thought,however the speed was stable right before entering the stall 😬

Then that’s just a replay indication issue. The stall did happen.

Can you send the replay please?

Here you go!

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I note 0kts winds which indicate some abnormalities.
The IAS speed is definitely off, it would appear the aircraft is maintaining the 0.85 Mach speed but it’s slippering into a stall mode (as indicated on the IAS speed) simply because you are too high after a period of time.
So what’s your initial climbs ALTs, and duration of the flight?

Duration of the flight is 11 hours,stall occurred about 10 hours into the flight,initially I was at FL330,then FL370 and then finally FL390

I notice that your GS is very high (522kt), while your IAS is low enough to make your aircraft stall. The OAT is also lower than what you would have had at FL450. There must then have been a weather bug involving wind and outside temperature.
My two cents!

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Why the replay is showing this amount of hours - you said you flown 10hrs into 11?

I remember there was once a breakdown for the whole server because of the weather serve.


Yes,I had taken A little break early on and then used Flight Resume to restart the flight.😉