High speed landing challenge

I challenge you all to a high speed landing. The challenge is to land at the highest speed possible, as close to 250-260 knots (because of the speed limit) as you can safely manage. You can try doing these on your regular flights, using passenger/cargo planes, improving your record each time.

If you are highly skilled enough you can try going faster, but only accelerate right before touchdown to avoid breaking the speed limit and getting a violation

You must be able to stop before the end of the runway, and you cannot spin out of control, but you are allowed to bounce.

Comment below your highest speed landing, plane type and airport.

Set flaps to 0 to help with a smooth high speed landing
If you crash you risk getting ghosted on expert server so only go as fast as you can safely manage
If in busy expert server airspace, you can try to follow normal speed limits up to final approach (to avoid messing up the traffic or disobeying ATC) and only accelerate when it is safe to right before touchdown

You may choose which server to do this on, but this is an ongoing competition where you can improve over time

Good luck

I recently landed at Bogota with a 757 going 240-250 knots

Please don’t do this on expert! This is my biggest pet peeve as a pilot and controller. If your gonna do it, make sure nobody, I mean nobody is around. Or, just go to a different server please.


The last time I did this was in an A380 and I did 360’s off the runway. I don’t recommend this challenge

thats why you get better with practice, only attempt what you can safely manage

I wouldn’t want to focus practicing on this

I know, especially in busy airspace it will get complicated which is why in that situation, I do not recommend doing it in approach airspace, only right before touchdown when the runway is clear

No, not even that. Like seriously, go to a different server. I don’t care if the runway is clear or not, it’s a bad idea on expert server and no very expert of you.


I recommend to only do it on casual server because expert server is for serious pilots as what AviationReports said.

ok well whoever wants to do the challenge in whatever server you want, the challenge is open for you to participate

That’s better! I appreciate it.

I’ve done this on casual landing 500 knots ish in a 787. Trick is to just gently glide into the ground until the spoilers engage

When is the competition open?

anytime, people can keep improving their record over time

Ok, but only do it on Casual server

Yes please only casual server, not only for us (IFATC) but also for you, because depending on the controller (and airspace and all of that) they can report you (in the list of reasons to report someone, there is one that says “excessive speed in the airport environment", so don’t do that)

Let’s keep this a casual/Solo only competition, I agree.

Any airport? I’ll head to KEDW on the 7 mile
runway and go with a really long and low final!

I only have solo now, I wonder what I can do with the B744? 🤔

Try landing at 249kts on KSFO runway 19R. It’s seriously hard to complete it without crashing.