High quantity of operations as ATC [SOLVED]

Hello IFC! Today I got a surprise with my number of operations in IF, to note IM NOT IFATC QUALIFIED, but Im able to see my number of operations in IF. This is the short story: Today I want to take a look on TS1 as an ATC, I started IF and I took two stations (EGBB T&G), I looked up to my number of ops and I saw the incredible number of 3,034 (I think I will not reach that number in my whole life), so I started controling, a friend made some patterns so I can confirm my duty there. The thing is that I finished, put my device charging and went out to have dinner, when I came back and looked back to my number of ops I saw that the number was now 3,096 (again, I think I do not even get close to 1,000), so the question is: can this give me any problem now or in the future? I really do not know the answer but what I know is that I do not want to have the number of ops I did not make… I play IF on an iPad Pro (9.7) iOS last update (10.3.3) and the IF version is 16.13.0, here is a photo of the last time I looked up my ops:

Hope someone can help me and if it’s possible telling me who I should contact I will really appreciate it, thank you.


I believe you can contact @Tyler_Shelton which I’m pretty sure he’s a ATC supervisior. He could solve all problems for you :)

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Thank you very much, I’ll contact him right now

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They have made this available to stop people asking the operations

With having the high number… most people are suprised. You probably just earned them :)


That’s perfectly normal for them to show as @Tyler_Shelton made it possible for everyone to see so people wouldn’t keep asking. Most people are also surprised when they see a high number of ops as well… all I can say is congratulations!


Oh, so now we can see them? But there is something that keeps scarying me, how did my number of ops growed up? In less than one hour I “won” 62 ops that I did make…

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Hello Lucas,

Everyone should see his ops now.
Your quantity of ops is just normal, if I’m right you get 1 op everytime you clear someone, so for taxing(not sure about this one), take-off, rader vectors, FF, VFR and landing. So if someone flies a pattern you clear him everytime for the option what means you get every pattern atleast 1 op, you also have inbound and outbound planes. Your ops quantity is right.

(You can see on liveflightapp.com the ops off controllers at the expert server, they have many ops. I have 30.000+ ops, so nothing to worry about😂)

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Ok, now Im more relaxed, thank you to all who helped, I really appreciate your help