High Quality on Other Aircraft Confirmed!

Realize that all the other aircraft in the picture have high graphics. I was actually gonna request this feature a while ago!



my fps gonna drop faster than my grades ffs


You never know, maybe they made it to where you won’t lag. :)

Either way, I’ll most definitely be using this feature to the fullest.

That might be exclusive to the developers’ pc version.


I thought this only happened on PC only


@Patrick_U mentioned this already.

Link please?

He kinda hints at this topic. Idk

Eh, but I decided to made a topic about it. ;)

Also, I don’t know how I didn’t see that thread if it was 7 hours ago. Lol

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Yeah it’s fine.

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This has been confirmed since they showed us the PIA 77L :/

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Well, this is the first topic about it.

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As they reach the updates everything will be better quality airport ground planes spirits

I pointed this out on the tracking thread, you can see the other aircrafts cabin lights as well.

Its been like that for devs for some time already.

I think this is only on the dev PC version

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PC is much better so they can and its a test. If we get GF we should get this.

I’ll be that one guy flying a 737 😂

Im the q400, yeees!