High power, low cost tablets suggestions

Ah yes as much as I love using my OnePlus 5T and the amazing specs. I do need a different device because I’m constantly having to change over to the app I’m using to contact a friend. So what device do you have in mind that will be just as smooth or better then my 5T?

Lower the price the better

(God I wish I could run IF on windows)


The IPad 2017 is very cheap and has got great performance. I’ve got an Air 2 and it has probably a better screen, has less weight and the bezels are smaller. There’s also no air gap between the screen and pixels.


An iPhone 6 and an apple TV for a cheap amount unless you want it simple and very mobile then an Air 2 is the choice for you.

Notice how I said tablet, but I’ll look into an air 2


Ehh, Lenovo tablets are nice but I’m an iOS guy so I don’t know much about android.

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I mean the iPhone bit (ipad/tablet is same thing in my opinion) if I were to be asking for a Lenovo or something like that I would of said just Android but thanks for the suggestions anyway

For me the Revvl Plus is my best bet! It is $225 at the stores (T-Mobile) (Or anywhere that sells that specific brand). The Revvl Plus has 32 GB storage and can run IF smoothly on HIGH graphics. The only downside is to watch how much memory your device OS is using.


As @Boeing773ER said, the iPad 2017 is the best. It has up to 18 hours of Infinite Flight in a single battery, it also is powerful so you can takeoff in full graphics.

And it is low cost


16 hours plugged into a wall socket before it becomes to hot to touch you mean ;)
16 hours on an iPad is impossible, even Apple claims it has enough for 10 but it’s more like 6-7 if you’re not pushing it too hard.
Chip wise, they use an A9 instead of an A9X chip which seems weird to me. Probably a cut in cost to make the price so low.


I have the Asus ZenPad Z500M and it’s amazing. I picked it up for about £300. I can run IF with graphics on high, Airplane count Very High and there isn’t any lag. I highly recommend it.

Device Specs

  • 4GB Ram
  • 32GB or 64GB storage
  • 9.7" Screen (1536 x 2048)
  • Android 7.0
  • Battery 5900 mAH
  • USB C

Nvidia shield tablet is only 150


lol an ipad running IF can barely last over 2 hours. I used an ipad air 2, ipad pro and ipad mini 2. And what suprised me is the ipad mini 2 worked best xD


Oh no, I am telling the truth, you should try it yourself. I (attempted) to fly London to Sydney yesterday but I miscalculated fuel, I took off at 100% battery and plugged it in around 30 minutes before landing next to a gas station. Just under 16 hours, and I was only on 9%.

Go try it is 100% possible, it isn’t just possible to get more than 10 hours, it is easy, if anything impossible to go through an entire battery in less than 10 hours.

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Tech genius.Nice job explaining M8

I understand you want to buy a cheap tablet, but in the long run wouldn’t buying a nicer one be more worth it? In the long run most of the time the cheaper tablets don’t last as long as the more expensive ones thus causing you to spend more money more often. So, what I would suggest is Save your money up then buy a nicer one so you can enjoy IF that much more rather it be on a big screen like the iPad Pro 12.9 Which is awesome BTW or on a smaller screen but longer battery life. Just my $0.02

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Woah, never expected that, gonna try it myself with my Air 2

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Make sure you’re at max efficiency. Don’t touch it while it you are not landing or taking off, have low power mode on, graphics to minimum and anti-aliasing off. Then turn off all sounds and brightness to minimum.


Is this the zenpAD 3S 10?

I guess so. I don’t know any other name for it

Same with me.
Resolution is great!