High pitch and wrong altitude

Device: iphone 7
Operating system: ios 15
okay, another problem. I couldn’t find this in the guide, my 777-300ER is at Fl340 at M.84 and is pitching up wildly, for no apparent reason. also, the autopilot is set to FL350 but it wont go up another 1000 feet.

you are too heavy or climbing too fast

You’re already at FL350, what’s the problem? Unless I’m looking at the wrong plane on LiveFlight.

stuck around 34400

VS is set to 200, weight is well under MTOW

Are you flying on solo?

No on casual server nearing UACC airport

Uhhh, shot in the dark. Elevation around here is 600 AGL. You claim to be at 34400 but every flight tracker says you’re at 35000. The logical conclusion is that you have your widget set to AGL instead of MSL.

How do i change it

At the bottom of your screen just press and hold on the widget and you can change it.

Also why the pitch problem

How many degrees is it? All planes pitch up a little at cruise.

How do i tell how many degrees it is

There’s an angle of attack widget

Hmmm it says only 2 degrees. It looks worse to me but i guess i am wrong

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