High intensity runway lights for minimum VFR or IFR conditions.

Today i was thinking of something while doing patterns in my spitfire under the control of @Tim_B . There was minimum VFR conditions at the airport which means the visibility quite low, so maybe if its minimum VFR or even IFR conditions, we could have high intensity approach or runway light to guide people to the runway easier, maybe ATC can have an option to toggle it on and off for a specific runway as an option if he/she deems it necessary like in the real world, tell me what you think of this idea below?

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This is a very vague request. Do you mean something similar to edge lights or approach lights?


Approach lights, PAPI Lights, Edge lights, if you get what i mean, just have them really high intensity in low vis conditions.

Wait, so you’re requesting PAPI lights?

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Read the thread man, read the thread 🤦🏾‍♂️

You’re a basic user man, you can’t request features 🤦🏾‍♂️.


Yeah that’s what PAPI lights are meant for


But PAPI lights don’t have variable intensity. As far as I know, only approach lights and runway edge lights have variable intensity.

PAPI lights are actually quite bright, granted they’re brighter at night (like every other type of lighting system), they’re still easily distinguishable at all times of day!

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Exactly. However, they are quite dim in the game, maybe that’s what @Cpt_Chris was trying to request?

I haven’t noticed them to be honest. Possibly, not too sure what the request is… :)

Yes, maybe brighter high intensity lights, when you’re in low visibility the lights are shining so bright you can see them, thats what i mean by high intensity

If that is what you mean, I suggest you continue this discussion here:

It has a bit more information included better lighting overall.

Ok thank you sir, flagged it as duplicate.

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Let me just say… high intestiy lights are pain when in final approach. (Yes, Ik from personal experiences) you really don’t need them in VFR conditions just really IFR. Medium intensity will do fine for VFR night