High Intensity Runway Lighting (HIRL)

Hello Community

High Intensity Runway Lighting are used on several airports to help the pilot see the runway, this has 3-6 settings, three being dull, AKA how it usually is in Infinite Flight at the moment, and six being maximum brightness which comes into use for foggy approaches and late night approaches when it is needed. The HIRL option would be given to the first pilot on arrival, then once it is off the runway it is handed to the next first pilot on arrival, an example is shown here:

Skip to 1:03 for demonstration

I hope that I have gripped your attention in this, personally I think it is a nice addition which I don’t think any other flight simulator has.

Thank you for your time.

If you were to ask me, I think that this could be included here:

I’m not an expert but that video doesn’t show a taxiway


Very impressive and useful in today’s bright cities
I learnt something new, not sure if it’ll be needed in IF tho

Make sure to vote for your own request :)
I think this would be very useful
I hate foggy approaches at CYYC, it’s always hard to see the runway.
I cannot spare a vote right now, but maybe later

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I think this should be added because the lighting currently isn’t the best, but sadly I’m out of votes.