High and Beautiful Terrain

London–Heathrow to Santiago

This was a flight I really wanted to fly before I even had Infinite Flight. And so I flew the route with two special guests. @tomthetank and @RitzRegis! And it was a very scenic flight! I highly recommend flying this route. This route was also a @BritishAirwaysVA ROTW that I decided to fly! There was very gusty winds during the flight. Plus, I had to go around on final at SCEL.

The Flight Details

London to Santiago

All 3 of us at that gate loading up for a long flight to SCEL

Entering runway 27L at London–Heathrow with the sun starting to reflect off of the aircraft.

And we’re off to Santiago in the rising sun with the moon setting in the background.

Leaving mainland Europe and flying over lots and lots of ocean water.

Flying over Funchal Madeira Island.

And for the past few hours over the Atlantic Ocean, we are now approaching the country Brazil!

As we’re about to start our decend into Santiago, the beautiful mountains start to appear.

Turning to align with runway 17L at Santiago.

And, touchdown. Welcome to Santiago!

At the gate as we unload, @Ur_Friendly_Approach’s fender Stratocaster guitar, @Ecoops123’s tea, @Edoardo_C’s certificate for passing his IFATC Written Test, @Z-Tube‘s skiing gear, @Shane’s Satisfying ATC time lapses, @PilotDog’s dog toys for his dog, and @SamC’s tennis gear.

What are your thoughts on these?

And what are your favorite ones?

Chile owns a Guinness World Record for the worlds largest…

  • Mountains
  • Statue
  • Pool

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Special Thanks to @NoahM for giving me permission to use the quiz format

The last question was Tim Hortons which 75% got correct


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Absolutely beautiful photos. Great job!


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