high altitude stall?

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Flying A321 , at high altitude (FL400 OR fl410), I encountered alot of gust (around 100 kt). Bizarely, the airport started losing speed and stalling, and I don’t think I did anything to cause that. Or is it the turbulence? I tried climbing and descending to avoid the turbulence.

Any thoughts on what’s happened here?


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FL410 is just about the ceiling of an A321. Given that you stalled, you were probably very heavy with a lot of headwinds making you even slower.


What is your speed?

Well I hope the airport wasn’t going too fast, or it would be difficult to land 🤪.

You were pretty high for a A321. Check FlightAware or Simbrief for the altitudes you should be cruising at, and if/when you should step climb.

Also, sometimes you can’t avoid turbulence, so don’t make a dangerous climb to try avoiding it. Again, FlightAware will show you if they encountered turbulence, and what they did about it.

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You mean aircraft?

did you climb straight to FL410. It could’ve been weight issues or could’ve been the weather

FL410 is a bit high for an A321, just as @IF515 said, you can use FlightAware or Simbrief for an altitude you should be cruising at.

Weight is also a factor.

That is the service ceiling of the A-321

What was your load?

I recommend not climbing directly to that flight level as it is the max ceiling of the aircraft, use this guide for more info:

Thanks everyone, that’s good to know. I suspected as much!

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