High-Altitude Spotting + Moon Pictures | 12/01/18

Today provided clear skies for the beginning of the day over Western Massachusetts, so I took the opportunity to take pictures of some of the aircraft that flew over.

As the day progressed, light clouds came through the area so it became more and more difficult to take further pictures. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Camera: Nikon Coolpix P1000

Air France A380-861 (F-HPJB):

Lufthansa CityLine Star Alliance A340-313 (D-AIFE):

Virgin Atlantic B747-443 (G-VROM):

United B787-8 (N27901):

Delta B767-332(ER) (N178DN):

British Airways OneWorld B747-436 (G-CIVI):

United B777-222(ER) (N220UA):

Delta B767-432(ER) (N836MH):

Moon Pictures from various nights:


Thanks for viewing! Please feel free to reply with any questions or comments.


Impressive photos! Offers a whole new perspective of plane spotting. 😉

More of this, Bobby.


I’ve never seen plane spotting like this, those are some pretty neat photos! Good work. :)

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Very nice photos, sir. I love them! I would love to see more of this

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Amazing skill and talent you have! Show us more soon!!

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What a unique way to plane spot! Not only does the drastic angle provide for some interesting underbelly shots, but the variety of heavies that flew over only made the viewing experience more enjoyable.
And fantastic moon shots by the way, this is just another reason why astronomy is so fascinating.

I hope to see more of you in the #real-world-aviation:spotting category in the near future.

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These are all great photos. Sad to say though that our kids may not be able to see these types of views because of the constantly increasing pollution we cause.

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CityLine operates their Star Alliance A340-300s, whereas Lufthansa only operates the -300s in their regular livery. :)

Thanks for taking a look at my pictures!

How did you get that moon.Those photos are incredible

The camera comes with a 3000mm zoom lens, so I was able to fully zoom to take the moon pictures. With some editing, I was able to bring out the colors, especially with the full moon.

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Well then. I was wrong since 2015 😂

thats amazing how did you get that good of a view with that camera

Incredible, very nice!

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Are those chem trails or cloud trails coming from those aircraft?

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May I ask what type of lens u r using
Btw I’ve seen N178DN At ATL once!


The P1000 comes equipped with a 24-3000mm (125x) superzoom lens.

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Wow. Those moon shots are amazing! You’d get some amazing shots if you were at my house, when the planes or only a few thousand feet up!

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Please tell me you were using a tripod and if so, what kind?!?

I was using a Manfrotto Element Aluminum Monopod along with a Tilt Head - here are links to them:

Tilt Head

For the second moon picture, I just used my hands, and for the third one, I used my hands and shot it through a window.

This is an interesting way to plane spot! And you did an incredible job woth these pictures!

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