High Altitude Hop With Frontier | Star Alliance @ KDEN - 112215ZDEC16

We got some fun stuff this week.
This week we have a special guest; Frontier Virtual!
We have a short hop in our region of the month planned for y’all!
This week we will be doing gate assignments.

Server: Expert

Region: Colorado

Aircraft: Any Star Alliance or Frontier Aircraft that is an 757 or A321 or smaller.

Airport: KDEN

Time: 2215Z

NOTAM: We will be flying from KDEN/Denver to KCOS/Colorado Springs, we will be taking off from 17R at KDEN and landing at 17L at KCOS, our en route speed and altitude will be 240kts KIAS at 8500ft, decent will start at the waypoint AWONE; Flight plan can be found below.

Flight Plan

Gate Assignments (Don’t forget to state your VA)
B15: @CaptainSam
B16: @Ace_Rockii
B17: @Blizzard
B18: @SkyHighGuys
B19: @tranquil_skyflyer
B20: @xTehCode


Glad to be a part of this. Because our frontier event is getting finished literally right when this one ends, we will be slow coming. But I’ll make sure to get as many pilots not tired from our va livery event to join :)

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I’m going to bump the event 15 minutes.

Thinking of joining after mid-terms

I’ll be there to represent Frontier VA 😂 hopefully if I’m not tired since it’ll be around midnight. Yet still, please reserve a gate.

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Flight Plan has been posted.
We will be taking off from 17R at KDEN and landing at 17L at KCOS.

Reserve a gate for me. I seriously will try and make it.

Event begins in just over an hour, there are still gates available.

Events starting in a couple of minutes!

We will be leaving shortly!

8500ft AGL is cruise alt.

Stay afterwards for photos!

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend!

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That didn’t take long.

Look at the flight plan.

I saw.


Shortly flight 👍🏼


@tranquil_skyflyer can we do this again so I can fly? I feel really guilty about having it leave.

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