HiFlyer's Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

This is the official tracking thread for the endeavors of an unproven but enthusiastic controller by the name of Isaac.

Or just HiFlyer’s tracking thread.

Oh, and this is my third tracking thread, because I let my first two got closed.


Closed? Just spawned in and I don’t see you

Literally just did. Switched to EGLL approach and departure.

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I have passed the initial test and am hopefully taking the practical tomorrow.
So, I am opening up ground and tower at KMDT, a recently redone airport.
Come by for some patterns, and make sure to leave feedback.

EDIT: Will close in 20 minutes if no traffic shows up.


Still open?

Yeah, for about 5 more minutes

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Opening up at KEYW.
Need to grind and get practice with pattern work.
Any pilots would be appreciated.

If your open tomorrow I might come.

Made it into IFATC!! Thanks so much for everyone who helped me train and prepare, like @Ethan_Hansen and @JoshFly8. Also big thanks to @Tyler_Shelton as well!


Congrats 🎉