HiFlyer's Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

HiFlyer's official tracking thread (not like anyone cares)

Feedback always appreciated!


@Kyle_Green you really destroyed your left landing gear on the first landing, should I call some EMS?
EDIT: The second one looked like it hurt as well

Hello! Do you have any plans to become IFATC or is this just a regular atc tracking thread?

I usually do really well but my calibration was off no matter how many times I reset it

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Yes, I plan on joining the IFATC, but my operations are pretty low unfortunately.

• When I request for a runway change, give me a pattern instruction, sequence, and then the clearance. Make sure to include “make left/right traffic” when giving the clearance for runway changes and inbound aircraft for touch and go.
• Don’t wait until left base to give me my clearances. I contacted you for the 2nd and 3rd landing to make sure I would get the clearance.
• Instead of telling me to contact ground, give me an exit runway instruction around 50-80 knots.

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Thanks for showing up, and for the feedback!

Of course! I promise you, I’m not as bad at landings as I was a few minutes ago 😂

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