HiFlyer's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

My previous tracking thread got closed due to inactivity.

The purpose of this is to help me get operations in order to join IFATC.

Please leave any comments below concerning my controlling.


Open for anything at KAPG currently. Will be open for about 30 minutes or longer if I get some traffic.


I’ll stop by

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On my way…

Takeoff clearance includes back taxi clearance

Actually, there is a specific command for backtaxiing.

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I know, but an aircraft waiting to takeoff can be issued takeoff clearance, which includes back taxi clearance. That gives them the option to back taxi if needed

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Don’t use slowest speed on final, at that point send aircraft around


Transition Alt should be minimum of 2500 AAL. Something like 3000 would be better since airport is at about sea level

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Is 2500 AAL a requirement? I’d like him to be clear of any traffic that might start doing pattern work.

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Overall, competent controlling. You told me to hold short due to arriving aircraft but I could have made it out on time. My recommendation would be not to over control. Don’t call the aircrafts base unless absolutely necessary. It just caused extended patterns. Also, trust the aircraft to maintain separation while on final rather than using speed commands.

Remember to use the specific “turn base” command.

Also, try to clear people earlier. On crosswind is normally a good time to sequence and clear.

PM are with any questions!

Nice job :)


Thanks very much, I can use all the help I can get; also, I picked an airport with a very weird layout in terms of taxiways.
@Guxk sorry for no ATC change, was distracted by this lol


@Will_A pretty much summed it up. Go through the public version of the manual, it has these pieces of info that aren’t always in the YouTube videos

Hey!! I was EC-DCP

Overall good job. You know about sequences, that is very important.

  • After “i’ll call your base”, no give pattern entry “enter right base”. Just “turn base”.

  • Transition was to high at 5000ft. Airfield is at 50ft. only.

  • I call inbound for landing when I was overhead and you give me only clearance without pattern entry. Remember send pattern instruccion, sequence (if needed), and clearance.

Feel free to send me PM if you have any questions.

Regards. Dani.

Thanks to everyone who came!


Going to open up at KGRR for an unknown amount of time. Everything allowed. Please give suggestions and comments.


You still open?

Sure am. Only had one person come so far.

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I might come, the fish stopped biting


@KPIT what the world are you doing 😂