Hifly Malta Airbus A380-800 | Save the Coral Reefs

Today the Airbus A380 for Hifly was released and I am really liking the paint cheme.

More about Hifly:

Hifly is a wet-leasing company that operates an all airbus fleet that operates charter flights aswell as codeshare flights around the globe. They are headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal but their operational base is in Beja Airport Intl. This airline also offers crew and aircraft to airlines when they need. The airline is split into two subsidiaries Hifly Portugal and Hifly Malta.

About this A380:

This A380 was from Singapore Airlines (9K-SKC) and Hifly decided to buy it as a second hand A380, Originally this A380-800 was going to be scrapped but then Hifly stepped in. This A380-800 is going to Hifly Malta and will be based at Malta airport.

The Fleet:

They operate a fleet of 1 Airbus A321, 4 Airbus A330 and about 8 Airbus A340 and now 1 Airbus A380.

Why I would like this:

I think that the scheme looks great and would be great on infinite flight to add more carriers.

Credit: Bruno Carlos
Source: Redirect Notice

Tell me what do you think bellow!

I love that color of blue! It looks amazing love the idea. To bad I have no votes left. :(


I would love to see this livery come along with ANA’s Lani The Sea Turtle Livery! :)


I like how both sides have a different paint scheme on it. This would go well with the possible A380 rework!


Agreed having this and ANA A380 would make it great for a group flight or other type of flight.

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I think that this is a great livery and i highly support this livery being added!


I think this is a great idea but I’m not going to vote until I’m sure it has a good possibility for getting into IF

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Well it only has a good possibility of getting into IF if people vote for it!


I get that but I only have 1 vote left…

Was it the one showcased during the Farnborough Airshow?

That’s affirmative, this was the one who was shown at the Farnborough Airshow

Well, I didn’t know I already voted xD. Amazing livery, amazing plane, can’t see why wouldn’t be added

The airplane is based in Beja, Portugal (LPBJ) now.

I would like to see this in IF, since 9H-MIP is very interesting aircraft! Voted!

Dude, don’t say Portugal is Spain, that’ll trigger a lot of Portuguese people, like me. Beja is in Portugal.

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Omg, I am so sorry, my mistake.

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No prob! I just get salty when people think my country is part of Spain 😂

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No worries man that’s a common mistake that people usually make.

Also thank you for the 10 votes!!

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I support it, but ain’t gonna vote for it, out of votes.


I saw it yesterday on Paris Air Show.
It’s really a beautiful livery, on top of that it’s for a good cause.