Hifly Malta Airbus A380-800 (Save the coral reefs livery)

Agreed having this and ANA A380 would make it great for a group flight or other type of flight.

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I think that this is a great livery and i highly support this livery being added!


I think this is a great idea but I’m not going to vote until I’m sure it has a good possibility for getting into IF

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Well it only has a good possibility of getting into IF if people vote for it!


I get that but I only have 1 vote left…

Was it the one showcased during the Farnborough Airshow?

That’s affirmative, this was the one who was shown at the Farnborough Airshow

Well, I didn’t know I already voted xD. Amazing livery, amazing plane, can’t see why wouldn’t be added

The airplane is based in Beja, Portugal (LPBJ) now.

I would like to see this in IF, since 9H-MIP is very interesting aircraft! Voted!

Dude, don’t say Portugal is Spain, that’ll trigger a lot of Portuguese people, like me. Beja is in Portugal.

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Omg, I am so sorry, my mistake.

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No prob! I just get salty when people think my country is part of Spain 😂

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No worries man that’s a common mistake that people usually make.

Also thank you for the 10 votes!!

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I support it, but ain’t gonna vote for it, out of votes.


I saw it yesterday on Paris Air Show.
It’s really a beautiful livery, on top of that it’s for a good cause.


As Hifly Malta is the last airline that has ordered the A380, then it might be a good idea to add this livery to the A380.

Was on this plane
Not going to vote for this due to my horrible experience onboard

Wow. I’m loyal to only a handful of liveries but…
That. Looks. Good.
Amazing, I love it!

This Livery defnitly needs to be in Infinite Flight, as a honour to 9H-MIP…

a little push and i hope more people vote for it, this may be the last A388 Airline (besides ANA) Livery missing in Infinite Flight