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Have seen a few Just Planes YT videos where HiFly use the call sign of the airline’s flight they are covering, for example Brunei 008 for Royal Brunei. Is this always the case for a charter/wet lease airline? Do they always use the airline’s call sign or their own? Just don’t want to look unrealistic on Live using a HiFly A330 NEO covering another airline flight with the wrong call sign 😅

This is up to you to decide!

I mean i have flown the KCVG-OBBI route with a DHL 77F operated by Kalitta. I hade DHL aircraft with Kalitta Charter Callsign in-game!

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Usually, if a charter Airline like HiFly or Wamos operates a flight for another Airline then they’ll use that airlines callsign too. This could be seen with Turkish Airlines Cargo for example, who have many of their flights operated by other airlines. It’s a TK flight, operated by someone else.
If they are not directly flying for another airline they will use their own callsign however (most of the flights HiFly does currently are other sorts of charter deals where they use their own callsign)

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Nice one thanks, what do you mean by your last bit about not directly flying for another airline?

They have many flights with their own callsign right now, probably because they weren’t really chartered by an airline, but rather by private persons, governments or other companies. Dunno exactly who ordered them, but they are not ‘replacing’ an aircraft of another airline on those routes

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