HiFly A330-900neo Funchal - Lisbon

HiFly (HFY231)
Portugal - Portugal (Domestic Flight)
Plane: A330-900neo
Date: 12/29/21 December 29, 2021
Call sign: Sky Flyer 231
Route: Funchal Christiano Ronaldo Airport (LPMA) to Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport (LPPT)
Flight Time: 1 hour and 42 minutes
Server: Expert
Scheduled Departure: 10:45 AM
Actual Departure: 10:47 AM
Scheduled Arrival: 12:10 PM
Actual Arrival: 12:29 PM

Today I will be flying on HiFly’s A330-900neo! This is our plane, CS-TKY. We will be flying to Lisbon today.

After we have boarded, I am sitting right over the wing. This will be my seat for the next 1 hour and 40 minute flight.

Outbound taxi to the runway

Lined up and ready for take off. We will be taking off of runway 23.

V1, rotate!

We finally reach crushing altitude. Flight attendants have served us drinks.

Cruising over the Atlantic Ocean at FL320 (32,000 feet)

Starting our decent into Lisbon. We can see Mainland Portugal in the background.

On our Final Approach at runway 21 at Lisbon

Touchdown at Lisbon! It was a soft landing but I had a horrible time aligning with the centerline.

Parked at the Remote stand.
Thank you for reading this! I hope you enjoyed it!


That is a nice route! I’ve flown to LPMA a few times my self and it’s always fun!

I feel like you meant to put LPPT here instead of LEMD

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oops thanks for pointing that out! I was busy planning my next flight to Madrid!

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I am 10% sure the A339 is not allowed at LPMA ;)
Anyways I like the third shot the most

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It is allowed at Funchal. HiFly has a service to Funchal from Lisbon using the A330-900. Thanks for reading!


TAP Air Portugal also operates in LPMA with the A339, and the A339 is an A333 with new engines :)


Wow! I didn’t know that, I thought they only used the a320/a320neo family! Since when did TAP use widebodies?

TAP has always operated in LPMA with wide-bodies, a few days ago the A339 was there several times because of the increase in pax in this festive season.


Wow! That certainly is interesting!

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Just remember east bound flights should be at odd FLs

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In Portugal it doesn’t work that well, it’s the other way around :)