HiFly A330-300 (9H-TAJ)

I’d love to see this plane, it’s a very snazzy looking plane and it would suit for me, flying as my own airline, fingers crossed its got my vote :)

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I would love for this to be in the game. I wouldn’t be restricted to just airlines (liveries)

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We need this beautiful livery 😍

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the mask made everything even better 😍😍

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What is HiFlys goal exactly?

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HiFly is a company that operates for other companies such as wet-leasing, an example when Norwegian had some B787 grounded, Hifly operated the flights,she actualy operates A319,A321,A332,A333,A339,A343 and formely the A345,A346,A380.
Their base is in Beja Aiport in Portugal.

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So they help keep maintenance cost low by flying them, instead of rotting?

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You want to fly with an A330-300 anywhere in the world ?
You want to fly with an A330-300 with a mask like on the A339 ?

Vote for the A330-300 Hifly (9H-TAJ) !


This would definitely bring some uniqueness to the sim at the moment we we only have a handful of charter airlines available on aircraft

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Agree with your description I want it !

Out of votes but that’s why it has my support! I’d love to see weird or not very common liveries in the a333!

His Mask looks like NEO’s. It would be cool in the IF

You won one more vote!! In the future I’ll wait at the IF

Would be amazing to see a charter up for the update.

Having Hifly adds a degree of freedom to the people willing to have a probable experience on lesser used routes!

Just saw this at Mumbai the other day,would be great to have it in IF!💯

No words can describe how beautiful this is !