HiFly A330-300 (9H-TAJ)

HiFly A330-300

Welcome to this topic !
With a possible A330 rework in the near future I would be happy to see the HiFly livery for it. I love the color scheme and the black cockpit mask ! It makes it look much more modern and elegant.

What’s your opinion ? Feel free to comment below and vote to support this request !

Airbus A330

I love that livery!! I don’t have any votes left but I’m totally hoping that that comes to IF as the A340-300 livery too!


nice one 😍, its a shame I don’t have any votes

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Love it !

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This need to be add with the A333 rework!
What a beautiful livery! 🤩

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You got my vote. It’s a nice livery and we can fly every destination