Hiding side controls in flight

Hello there IFC

I play infinite flight on my PC monitor with a joystick and throttle and the side controls eg gear, spoilers, flaps etc. Get in the way. Is there any way to hide the side controls??

Settings->General->Interface Timeout->(Set the amount of time you want the side controls to be there before disappearing.2 seconds being shortest and 10 seconds being longest)

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Thanks, is there anyway to hide the bottom bar too or not?

By the above steps,told by @Aviator_SG the bottom bar,goes away too!😉

That is if you decided to turn on the “Hide Status Bar”
In conclusion, to hide both side controls and bottom bar, make sure your Interface Timeout is set to (the amount of seconds you want the side controls to show before disappearing) and your Hide Status Bar box is ticked.

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Thank you! Very helpful

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