Hiding Other Players

As a YouTube streamer, I always get annoying people trolling me. I would love it if infinite flight would add a feature to hide other players.

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You could limit the number of aircraft shown in live mode 🤷‍♂️

Also this should be in #features but you are not TL2 (member yet) keep posting and being productive and active on the community and you’ll get there in no - time 😊

EDIT: If you want to get rid of players - why don’t you go on solo mode?


You have the option to turn of display names and aircraft boxes. Also lowering your aircraft count on live to low would help. Finally if you want to film without having other users show up I would suggest flying on unpopulated regions where no one else is flying. You can find a lot of those on Casual and Expert server and some regions in Training Server 1 are unpopulated.


Thats the reason we play live: to play together with Voice ATC… simple, if you want to filming your flight, go to Expert Server