hiding airport name and runways

how do you hide in the airport runway and names?

Settings is a wonderful world;-)

where in the settings?

nevermind someone can close this

Just open IF, and while you find on the right side “fly” (solo, multiplayer etc)
On the left side you have settings, logbook, tutorial and “about”. That’s just on the menu when you first open IF.
Click on settings, and you’ll be directed to settings(general).
After this,
On the right side you find a list of settings, while on the left side you can select the category.
Those categories group settings, i.e. all live related settings are under the category “live”,
Graphic settings are under “graphics”

So what you have to do is open IF, click on settings and change your settings as you want

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that is not right
and like I said nevermind someone can close this

Please don't say that's not right!

take this to a PM

Please close this Mod

He’s trying to help you😆. Be a little open minded, I’m sure this can be easily handled.

I figured it out a mod can close this