Hide Un-Edited Airports Switch (Global)

Tried to post in features but currently there are errors showing.

When global comes out, I don’t want to plan a whole route out and fly 10 hours to find out that the airport I have decided to go to is a bog standard X-Plane template.

The Infinite Flight Airport Editing team do a stunning job and I want to fly to an airport created in house.

The benefits:

  1. Higher quality airports (eg. taxiways)
  2. More gate options
  3. More spawn points
  4. Sometimes more runways (because the templates can be so bad they forget runways)
  5. Markings would actually be in the right place

I am leaving this Wiki so people can add more to this :p. Leave a like to show your support for this idea.


The best solution for this is to just to fly to major airports (unless of course you want to make a database of all edited airports for the public to see)

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Yeh if it’s not implemented for sure that’s a solution.

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Just check the Github issues to see if it has been done.

Remember, IFAE stands for Infinite Flight Aviation Experts (I think) and shouldn’t be confused with the Airport Editors.


XD I say they get a new name! hahaha

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Simple, just check the destination airport icao on GitHub.

But , cam sort of does this with liveflight airport charts. Brown for old versions green for new.

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