Hide TFRs and NOTAMs Map Button For ATC

G’day everyone,

Small little feature request here, but the small things make the big things count ;)

In recent FNFs, there have been NOTAMs and TFRs put in place to control traffic, inform people and to make things more efficient which is great!

But, on the other end of the scale, for controllers they can make controlling a tiny bit less efficient as when we’re controlling, we are required to tap on an aircraft, a fix, a VOR, anything on our map multiple times as both tags for the TFR/and or NOTAM come up as well as the aircraft, whereas usually we can instantly click on the aircraft which = more efficient :)

So, what can we do?


  • I’m requesting as a feature that we add a button similar to the other ones currently in game (Hide Airspaces, Hide Navaids etc etc) called Hide NOTAMs/TFRs which when pressed will hide the NOTAMs/TFRs and of course their tags are gone as well and we’re back to only having to click on the aircraft

Here’s an example of what i’m thinking:

sorry for my terrible photoshopping haha!

But yeah, hope you can see where I’m coming from and feedback on this would be appreciated!


Great idea Luke! Would definitely make life a little easier 😄


How about button to hide aircrafts too??? Hehe! Just kidding! Looks kinda good idea for controllers. What device you lot using for controlling? Phones? Tablet?


Thanks (:

And personally, I use the iPad Air 2

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I’m using a 7+

I often wake up from glorious dreams of controlling on an iPad. Maybe one day

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YESS we need this so badly 😱


Got my vote - definitely a hassle having to tap twice with a busy airspace!


This could be useful

I’ll vote for this, just got to pick a vote to drop. EDIT: unvoted concorde

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Well explained request.
Love this idea. Very practical and yes, agreed, it would make controlling easier.
This should be implemented, even it would only get a few votes ;-)

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You’ve got my vote. Last Friday at JFK with all the notams and restrictions, it became a little annoying after a while. Definitely, it would solve that.

Absolutely needed. It’s very hard to control a busy airspace when you consistently press the NOTAM bar by accident

Simple and clever idea, that shouldn’t be too hard to implement.
Deserves a bump.

As a controller, the TFR and NOTAM circles are not clickable, so in a way this has been implemented, which is awesome!