Hide Remaining in the Pattern from pilots in certain situations

With the introduction of ATIS, I am proposing a simple change to the menu system to hide the “Remaining in the Pattern” option from pilots where particular conditions are met.

What am I asking for?
I am asking to do not display the “Remaining in the Pattern” option if any of the conditions are met:

  • The controller has selected “No Pattern Work” in the ATIS remarks.
  • The visibility in the airport METAR is below 3SM.

What does this add to the sim?

  • Realism!
  • Assists controllers who constantly have to give the “no pattern work” reply because people did not read the ATIS.

Fine Print…
Not asking for changes to unicom
Not asking for changes to ATC menus, just the pilot menu

YES! As an IFATC controller this would be so helpful. Removed a vote to vote for this!


Voted for this, as it reinforces the (real-world) decisions made by tower controllers. Wouldn’t this make the “No Pattern Work Allowed” command obsolete though? Or maybe that’s the point…

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That command is on the ATC side. No need to hide it if they dont need to select it.

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That would be great! I HATE when people do this and then depart normally.

I meant more along the lines of no need to have it if they don’t need to select it. I think I’m getting at the wrong side of this request. Forget I said anything.

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I’m all for this…

“Realism” (insert TimB trademark symbol here) would be the ‘expert’ pilot understanding/using the METAR and ATIS and knowing from those two sources that pattern work is not accepted in the first place.

Seems maybe a little excessive on the hand holding, but I’m all for making life easier on the controller side of things.

Feature request: If ATIS says no pattern work and pilot requests “remaining in the pattern” that should be a system ghost.


Vote Vote and Vote. This is much needed! 👍🏻✅

Yes, Chris! Much needed. Definitely voted for this.

It should be a ghost if they request pattern work with the ATIS restricting it, but I guess this is in some cases restricts pilots who don’t actually read the ATIS, from requesting pattern work. $10 someone makes a support topic why they can’t request pattern work… If this were to be added :)

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I actually really removed a vote to vote for that :D

It should also be hid if they have a flight plan filed and they plan on departing the airspace. I get tired of them using that command then requesting departure or frequency change. It gets very annoying!

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After global was released I have seen many pilots will file a flight plan, do a pattern or two, and then depart the airspace. You get a landing or three in and then continue on your 15 hour flight.

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As Chris mentioned, I tend to do that before a long haul to ensure my device doesn’t crash. I think just hiding the feature during pattern work before departing the airspace wouldn’t be nessacary

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You could take that one step further and remove the inactive runways from the list when you’re requesting takeoff or landing.

Anyway, I like the idea. It definitely would help the ATC controller.

This sort of cange is a slippery slope. You make one change and then every button gets a workover and tried to over automate it. I was just trying to fix a specific issue at hand.

I understand that and that doesn’t bother me. It only annoys me when they say remaining in the pattern and they never do touch and go’s. That’s all I was trying to say. I completely understand doing pattern work then departing out.

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We definitely need this. Got my vote!

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I wish this feature if to be implemented, be added to the training server.

It gets confusing and frustratingly sometimes. A pilot will call in remaining in the pattern but yet fly somewhere else.