Hide HUD/UI option

Notice: I have gotten permission from mods to make this topic since the previous topic was old.

This feature would allow you to hide the HUD in IF without it being reactivated again when you touch your display. By HUD, I mean all the buttons and speed controls. It would basically be what we have now (HUD timeout) but without it being reactivated after you touch it.

This feature could be implemented in the settings tab and, once “Hide HUD” has been activated, it could be easily deactivated by double or triple tapping the display.

This feature would be especially useful for people who do cinematics of IF and get somewhat frustrated by the HUD activating as soon as I touch it. I think this option could lead to people being able to make beautiful cinematics in IF without the HUD getting in the way.

Edit: By HUD, I mean the UI (the buttons and speed controls).

We already have this. It is called HUD-2 :)

Just swipe up on the HUD/MAP/SYSTEM switch when on HUD and you’ll get it.


Please read above. I’m not talking about the cockpit. I’m talking about outside/freelook.

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Same thing there. Don’t think there’s a difference :)

Again, please read my entire post. I explain that the feature is to remove the buttons via the hide HUD option. Not like what we have now which is activated when we touch the display. HUD 2 doesn’t do that.

This would be very helpful for recording purposes. Will give this feature request a vote right when i’ll have one free.


Thanks. I agree that it would be very useful for recording.

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You mean permanent interface timeout?


Yes. One that isn’t automatically reactivated like now, but one that you can manually hide and manually show after you decide you want to. Again, please read my post above. I clearly explain it there…


The buttons are not HUD, but user interface…

It’s not a clear explanation, when HUD and UI are mixed up, if you clear that up, I’ll be on your side ;)

Apologies. Misunderstanding on my part. I’ll change the title.

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Excuse me if my reply sounds simple-minded, as I have the same interest.
Under “Controls”, “Commands”, there is the Toggle HUD option.
I assign a button on my Thrusmaster flight device to make the HUD go away and reappear, which includes the small map and the green phosper display of speed and altitude.
Under “General”," Interface Timeout", it can go out after 2 seconds, with an additional option of hiding the staus bar.
I do not touch my Invidia tablet screen so I do not have that issue, instead using LiveFlight Connect with keyboard and mouse and Thrustmaster to activate and control the various functions otherwise in so-called HUD.
LiveFlight Connect also allows me to use NAV for purposes of Waypoints distance, altitude, and speed, and has an Attitude Indicator for orientation of the aircraft relative to Earth’s horizon, including pitch and bank.

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But some people might not have joysticks or Live Flight Connect. Also, I need to touch my screen to move the camera in cinematics.

Understood :)
I went old school with IF because I’ve used sims for years and not much of mobile app guy.
I like to attach tablet to a b-i-g screen and kick back :)

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