Hide HUD Permanently

I feel that a Hide HUD feature would be good for those who take screenshots or do cinematics, both of which I do.

I know we currently have a feature which hides the HUD after a period of time, but the second you touch the screen again, it appears.

So the Hide HUD feature would permanently hide the HUD until the setting is turned off.

Let me know what you think and let’s get this added!


You can already go to the Pages button Mid-Flight and choose HUD Full (Full HUD), HUD 1 (No Map) and HUD 2 (No HUD) :)

I think this was the feature you meant, but if you tap the screen, it doesn’t reappear.


I meant as in everything. EVERYTHING is removed from the screen.


Oh, so you mean the buttons too?

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How would you come back to the menu then?

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Yea. Everything! 😂

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Hmmm…Double tap?

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So you’d turn the setting on, go back to the flight and if you wanted it back, double tap. Then, if you don’t want to get back to the menu, double tap again to remove the HUD.

So as mentioned above, you would be able to get the HUD back to get to settings etc. by double tapping the screen.

Camera Cockpit #2


I’ll check it out to see if it is similar to what I’m talking about

I’ve just checked. HUD-2 hides everything apart from buttons. I suggest everything including buttons is hidden and then when you want them back to get to buttons or settings double tap

Yes, I’ve thought a thing like this, so I agree!


set screen timeout to 2 seconds, go in the HUD setting that hides at all, and voila, you can also hide status icon, and hide airplane names and dots, the settings page is your friend ;]


But the second you tap the screen it appears again. I want something to completely remove everything from the screen forever, until I double tap to get it back

you should look into the in flight assistant app?

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I’m talking about for IF itself. Whilst flying you should have a setting to turn the HUD off completely, and to get it back, Double tap

how would you control speed and other stuff? fly with the HUD hidden and when you’re ready to change something then just tap the screen, thanks the post but this already exists… slide your finger thru the HUD views, why change the code for a double tap that would conflict with the already existing command for double tap(re-enter screen)


It would be a feature for those who do screenshots and cinematics. The same way the HUD time-out works, but permanently until you turn it off. Maybe there could be a button in the top right, or some sort of gesture to get the setting/HUD back if the double tap messes with something else

You can do this in IF settings in general, then there should be an option to hide status bar after (…) seconds.

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