Hide aircraft data/airport info with interface time out

I’m proposing a way to get better realism and take pictures quicker and easier.
So, many of you utilize the interface timeout feature to improve realism and for better photos. What this timeout doesn’t do is hide aircraft/airport names.
I am proposing a “tick” you can check on or off that with the interface timeout time, aircraft names and airports are hidden.
I feel we need this as it’s a pain to quickly sprint into settings to hide aircraft names/airports for that one in a million shot. This would be fully optional, with a tick much like how graphics are selected
This could either be it’s own “hide aircraft/airports” with a drop down like “hide interface timout”(hide in 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, or never), or it would included with interface timout.
Example- here the airport name is hidden but the aircraft name is not, dampening this photo.

Any votes are welcome and feedback is welcome!

There already to hide airport name. You go in Live Setting.

No, this feature hides aircraft names/aircraft info.

That in Live Setting too.

Yes but who wants to jump into settings to hide the aircraft stats and miss a good picture.

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Well, then you have to go fast and quick.

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reread this feature request.
The point of this feature is to nimigate the need to do that

Sammy, are you suggesting a Interface Timeout that will hide not only the Instrument Info Tab or whatever it’s called, the black bar in the bottom, but also Text above Airplanes and Airport, instead of having to go to the Settings Menu and disable the option to see people’s username on their plane, Airport names, etc…


That’s what I’m suggesting!