Hidden profiles?

Why do some users choose to hide their user profile? If they don’t want to share any information about themselves they can simply not fill out their bio.

cuz they want to hide it

If you are really curious just PM someone who has but they can do whatever they want

Hiding your profile eliminates all information about a user. Not just so they don’t have to write bio :)

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I dont think you can pm a user with a hidden profile

Well than that maybe why they hide it ;)

Nope, you can PM a user with a hidden profile by going to your messages and clicking “New Message”.

Some people hide their profile as they prefer not to reveal any information about them, such as their join date, badges etc. It’s not a matter of “not filling out their bio”. However, note that moderators and staff can see hidden profiles like a normal one.

I mean clicking message by going to their profile

Its a personal preference. If they don’t wish to have their profile public that’s their right.