Hidden photo in a380

Ok at the risk of sounding completely stupid but I just pulled up in an a380 and I found this photo in the cockpit. Has it always been there or am I stupid?IMG_1058

Yup!! Since day one… Oh and the Pepsi can as well!

Early photo:

This didnt take me long to find on the forum, this isnt really a topic that insites discussion and positive debate is it? - Juat a thought for the future mate.


Can’t believe I never noticed it! But the Pepsi cans are obvious

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Maybe that’s y it costs so much money its sponsored by Pepsi lol

It’s free, isn’t it? Also IF isn’t sponsored by Pepsi.

Ok all I needed was an answer about the photo. Please close this discussion @schyllberg

Don’t tag the Mod, you can flag it :)

You can tag mods to close, as others and myself have done before. The only difference between tagging a mod and flagging is that flagging is typically faster.

Edit: that’s the reasoning behind the “flag, don’t tag” recommendation.

Oh, usually I see Flag not tag, but anyways, thanks for clearing that for me :)