Hidden Gems....

I just thought I’d start a topic where people can suggest funky little airports, hidden gems, to fly in and out of.

Let’s try and get people out of those trash-haulers!

Try Sandown (EGHN) in the London region. It’s my favourite airport!



KASE approach, don’t vector the testers into mountains!! Sorry, Tyler, Jason, Mark, and Joe… 😁


Southampton is a great wee airport just noth-west of Bournemouth. I always fly there because I love the back taxi required for takeoff on 02.


EHBX in the Amsterdam region. Go check it out. No further information required.


EGHJ (Bembridge) home of Britten Norman, all in all I find it quite fun flying in and out of the Isle of White.

EGTD (Dunsfold) who doesn’t like flying around the Top Gear Test track.

WMBT (Pulua Tioman) another island airport, a challenge to try and land on, takes a while to master the approach.


You can’t really top any of those.

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I’m currently hooked with EBAW for no apparent reason.

L35 and KBNG are both lovely municipal airports in SoCal.

KLXV is pretty snazzy IMO.

21W is just amazing in every way. You have to check it out!

KRNT is interesting.

EGMC is beautiful.

WIDD is nice.

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Anyone ever tried Saba? Very challenging.

Upavon (EGDJ) is fun.

What makes it fun? I don’t have long but I’ll test it if it’s good.

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Here are some of my go to hidden gems when I am bored of the regular major destinations. I’m hoping to get at least one 20min route in each region someday…

TNCS Saba/Juancho Yrausquin <> TFFJ St. Barth?lemy - Gustaf lii
TFFA Grande Anse La Desirade <> TFFB Basse- Terre/Baillif

C74 Cassville Muni <> 3IS4 Merkle Engineers
KCGX Chicago Meigs <> KUGN Waukegan Rgnl

KANK Alexander Fld <> CO11 Breckenridge
KMTJ Montrose Rgnl <> CO68 Wilson Ranch <> KGUC Gunnison Crested Butte Rgnl
0V4 Saguache Municipal <> 0CO2 Buckhorn Ranch

PHDH Dillingham <> PHNP [X] Ford Island NALF

New York:
KMSV Sullivan Co Intl <> 6NY7 Piolis Brookside

LFGH Cosne sur Loire <> LFOZ Orleans Saint Denis

San Fransisco:
CL77 Bonny Doon Village <> 17CL Las Trancas
23Q Meadowlark Field <> 59CA Little Hands

21W Ranger Creek <> 15S Lester State <> 4S6 Tieton State <> KESW Easton State

Southern California:
46CA Rancho Vallecito <> L78 Jacumba
KBNG Banning Municipal <> L35 Big Bear City
0CA5 Hoffman-Private <> 8CL1 Lake Wohlford Resort <> CA84 Torrey Pines

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It’s at 500 something feet and is grass, what’s not to love?

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KVAX is nice

In the Australia region in the game go to gundroo it’s a cool airport

How about WMBT in the kuala lumpur region. Very difficult airport to fly in and out of.

@Aviationluver I mentioned that one earlier, it has an absolutely brilliant approach.

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And its a good one if you don’t have much time, only 30 minutes between pushback and landing at any London-area airport.

WMBT is really hard to master - especially when you try with an A320…
But this guy with his Cessna got the flow

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