Hidden Gem in Western North Carolina

**Had a golf outing charter to Mountain Aire (2NC20)

**Left CHS this morning straight out of 33 and it was basically a straight shot. Whole flight took 45 min. Came in on Rwy 32 at 2NC20 and thats a difficult approach because you gotta come in steep over another mountain. Weather was perfect and looking forward to a great day of mountain golfing!!!



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Uh, Idk what the hell a show box is so maybe dont look at that one?


Nice shots mate ! (I didn’t even notice that there was a box, but that’s not a big problem at all ;)

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Thanks! I had been there before but that was before I became more active on this forum

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No problem ! ;)

Ok I understand now !

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Pretty interesting! Im pretty sure this was on a swiss001 stream correct me if i’m wrong. Its a really nice place

Some pretty nice golf courses there irl that ill never be able to afford to play as well 🤣🤣🤣

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*just a thougt maybe you should say “northwestern” California 😉

Nice little airport there, great photos! The NC mountains are a whole lot nicer in real life though.

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I call it home!!

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Lol yeah but its nice to see

It’s not big of a deal

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The airport in Swiss001 😂

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Im gonna have to look ups this Swiss001

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Charlotte where I’m at is very overrated. The mountains are so much better.

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Oh, Im in Charleston now but grew up around those mountains

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Dang, that’s pretty cool.

Charleston is a nice place, at least from what I could tell when I went there a few years back haha.

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