Hidden features in IF

Smaller than when you are preparing to grease/butter your landing.

If someone can make video of how to find the lavatory that would be great.

If you use free cam and go into the cockpit, that’s a good start, turn around and go through the cockpit door . After that, you should be in the galley, there is a little door to the left that if you slowly move into, you’ll find the bathroom ;)

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Which plane do those belong to?

The Citation X.

Darn thought it was in one of the free planes

To be fare I prefer my other sims

Even the “Tap the headphone to reply to ATC” feature was unbeknownst to me.

Check this tutorial out to learn how to use the free cam and you should be able to find the lavatory in no time!

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You can open the satilite on the ground

yooo this is my all time fav lol

you don’t move the free cam, you move the plane.

manipulate the free cam so it is in front of the aircraft, facing the aircraft, but NOT LOCKED ON (very important)

then, slowly taxi forward with the plane, staying in free cam view the whole time, and the plane will go through the camera. ta-da, you’re inside!
(note: switching to other camera angles and then back to free cam will reset its position, so once you’re in free cam, you have to stay there)

advised to do this on solo or casual, and make sure you have enough room

Hello you all in here! i think i found a interesting texture here in the engines in IF.

The 777’s engines had a white-ish texture. if they spin at 100% Throttle, they resemble something.

Yes, its the condesation of the engines like this:

I just found the Tunisair Express livery on the CRJ-900

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