Hidden features in IF

There are a few features i’d like to know how I can find them.

  1. The telescope on the B747-SOFIA
  2. The modeled bathroom in the CRJ family
  3. The cabin on the A350 and B717

You can use the Freecam :^)

There is no A350 Cabin FYI.

  1. I think you have to be over 40,000 feet
  2. free cam
  3. free cam

There’s no a350 cabin 😢

It’s just a button now, you can open it on the ground etc

Used to be at 40k ft when it launched

Another cool thing is that the Spitfire’s canopy is open until you raise the gear. There’s also one of those things on the 767 toward the back of the fuselage of that the actual aircraft uses irl in case of a tail strike. I don’t know what it’s called I forgot.

Shows how long it was since I flew it last. lol


I tried using the free cam to see the CRJ lavatory but I can’t get I side the aircraft. What am I supposed to do?

Approach it slowly with the free cam as it’s a small space your trying to locate.

Brick breaker game in the A350 above 42000 ft on rear maintenance panel

If you hold down the ATC icon for a few seconds when communicating with ATC, you can respond to their messages without having to press the ATC icon and then pressing the reply button. Allows you to focus more on your flight.


I was able to find the telescope on the Boeing 747-SOFIA. I will now try the CRJ.

If you look inside the engines of the CCX engines you can see the skins for the entire plane laid out on the rotating block.


I still can’t find the CRJ lavatory. Like the free cam view is always on top of the aircraft. I don’t know where the lavatory is exactly and I can’t get inside the aircraft.

It’s located in the aircraft for a start, not on top.

Free camera is called ‘free’ for a reason, as long as you don’t try and player finger tennis with the controls, just make small movements and you’ll find the lavatory.

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Pong on the A350 (thanks Laura)

But when you spawn in and select free cam view, it puts you on the roof of the aircraft.

Then like, move down?


You can control free camera.

Left of the screen is movement.

Right of the screen is the way you’re looking. It takes some getting used to.

Like a joystick 🤷‍♂️

Yes, but I can’t get inside. Like when you say « small movements », how small?