Hidden Airports in IF

Recently, I was watching a few shows about challenging places to fly, and I have seen a lot of airports that is very small, just an airstrip, and it seems that in some cases, the airport looks like its in some of our regions! (Cough Singapore Cough). If the terrain is actually matched properly, is there a chance that we can find airports hidden in our terrain?


Don’t really get the question…

@kevirtual… MaxSez: Fly low and scan.There are clear cuts dirt stripes in the out back all over the place.
You can put a Super-D down on a dime (stay below 35 mph on final and chop the throttle, down she floats)

(See “Bush Flying”)


I think KNUC has a secret airport…

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It’s not hidden if it’s in IF. That makes no sense


Like among the terrain and not visible on maps, maybe we can use waypoints to locate such airports… And maybe @Kilt_McHaggis can help?

This makes no sense, you can see all the airports on the map…

Any flat piece of land’ll do.

I don’t get it.

You’re right, Considering you can land on water the same as an airfield.


Go to school, learn to code and model, and fix all these issues :)

I don’t mind that issue.

All designated runway/airstrips are shown on the maps of the regions you fly in. The purple dots are typically the small strips which blend in well with the scenery. Anything edited in IF will have a boundary around it usually making that terrain more visible than surrounding landscape.


it would qualify as an airport if it was an emergency landing

35 mph? Tried flying at 30 kts (I converted it) and simply crashed. I’m new to this bush flying stuff… please help :o

@bensonb. 35 MPH is the ground violation speed. With the D fly a STOL Approach fly just above stall speed on final. Chop the throttle wheels down below 35 on the threshold. The D is a kite with its big wing loft it in to a 3 point landing. Practice make perfect. Max

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