Hi, Manel Alione as always

My lucky is that I speak english ahaha, and Here in Angola people speak portuguese, and Guys I wanna know that if do not have any group of Infinite flight users ??

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What’s up?

Hey There,

Great to see you want to get some friends to fly with. Do you have Facebook? If so send a request to join this group, they host fantastic events and you can meet many people.

As for the forum, just look for topics about people flying around.

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I’ll message you over the forum if you please…
It’s not a good idea to publicly post any contact number just so you know.


Misha removed the topic for you :)

Welcome to the community! Anyway there all sorts of groups around mostly to do with Virtual Airlines!

Also there are fan groups mostly known on Facebook or Instagram!

Follow infinite_flight_forums on instagram

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We have an instagram?

Now we do.

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