Hi just wondering if anyone can help.

hi I was on infinate flight and wanted to do a bit of atc but when I came to click on it it said that no atc is avalibele for any servers I would really appreciate it if someone could help thanks a lot Mackenzie.

Are you sure? Could you provide us with a screenshot so that we can observe the problem?

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You have to be IFATC to to be able to open on the Expert Server.

And it also seems that you’re Offline. Have you tried restarting the app or your device?


This is the same problem on all servers

Can you show us what it says on the Training Server 1 if you try to be ATC?

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Can you post a screenshot of another server? And as @schyllberg said did you check your internet connection?

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You are ”Offline” for some reason. Tap the top right corner.

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It is working now thanks for everybody’s help much appreciated