Hi infinite flight

hi infinte everytime i takeing off and landing my creama postions is not staying in place and im not evering touching the screen i notice this in 20.2 with the feedback beta im using in flight assistant and also would u guys would ever add the trafic sound in flight assistant

With the camera issue, have you ensured you are using the correct free cam. One of them does not stay with the aircraft, while the other 4 do. If you look at the camera options and scroll to free cam, there should be 4 squares above it, those are the ones which stay alongside the aircraft, so make sure you are using them to stay with the plane. 😁

Please direct any feedback or suggestions to @epaga, the developer of In-Flight Assistant. Infinite Flight cannot do anything about this as IF-A is a third party application.

You may need to turn off your shaky cam in the IF-A settings.

Is 20.2 update out yet for phone I only have one free cam

Do maybe have the shaky cam of Infinite Flight Assistant turned on?

Please check the pinned post:

yes the beta is out u have to sign up

yes i do have that one

That makes your view move/shake when taking off. Try turning that off. Or what kind of movement of the camera do you experience?

yes i have it on but there change when i was in 20.1 it would stay in the postion that i set it to i notice the diffiierent in 20.2 beta i when i take off the camera moves little up when i take and it does that for landing when im in cockpit view it happens

What cam are you using?

captain view
that the cam that i use

Do you experience that in every aircraft or does that only happen in the new ones?

yes i do experience that in every aircarft

Hm not sure what could cause that… I tried it right now and my cam stays put

it happen when u take off

Wait a moment. I will record my takeoff and will upload it so you can check wether this happens to me too.

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Here is the link to the video of my takeoff:

Apparently it needs to get processed a bit at first

It works now (ignore the PA announcements from If Assistant…)

Wait how do you get those announcements