Hi, I'm new to the forum

Hi, my name is Robert and I’m from Kansas City. I’m new to Infinite Flight and the forums. I’ll be reading through some stuff here before I get crazy with a bunch of questions. Just wanted to introduce myself and see if anybody had any immediate tips to get me started. Thank you very much and look forward to flying with you all


Hello Robert my name is Mason and I am from Wisconsin. Welcome to the forum and I’m looking forward to flying with you as well :) ! One tip I have is to always search before creating a topic!


Welcome to the Forum! Have fun.

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My name is Carson, and I’m just fabulous. All the above tips and good:)


Hi Robert, I’m Robert xD
Welcome to the Forums.


I am Danny. Welcome to the forum, glad to have you.

Welcome Robert!👋🏼🙂 I am Patrick and make sure you read the community guidelines 🙂

What a first impression…

That said I can back him up on that. Carson’s a great guy


Hi Mr.Robert I’m Quincy. Happy to have you here and if you need help everybody is there to help. Cheers Pilot Bulbs

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Welcome Robert! I’m SimNerd. I joined in July.

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Hey Robert !

Welcome to this absolutely amazing community that’ll make you cry from happiness … My name is Dawud and I’m happy to help you with any of your problems :)


Welcome to the community, Robert! I’m Tecnam 2TA and I love super sport cars, planes, and computers (not a complete computer geek though XD). I am a live sound technician for audiences and I fly in real life. I’m also the head community and media director for IFES (Escort Services). So nice to meet you and I look forward to talking here in the future!

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Welcome Robert, I am Kevin and I hope you have fun here!

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Us Roberts have to stick together (:


Hi Robert! Welcome to this Forum! My name is Bry! Nice to meet you!

Welcome! Don’t make any grammar mistakes. A certain someone doesn’t like mistakes…


Grammar mistakes = Carson fixes


Robert, just 1 tip
don’t be rude

Hello, its me😜
Welcome to the forum