Hi, I'm new here

Hi everyone,

Just managed to become a member here. I got to know about it from a friend of mine. What I like most about Infinite Flight is the aircraft detail. Other than Infinite Flight, I’m into travelling, gaming (mostly, hello neighbor from apknite extension), walking, eating (esp. Japanese food).

Nice to meet you all.



Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community. I really hope you have a spectacular time here.

If you need anything, feel free to send me a DM! I’m always happy to help.

We have great groups here, with a seemingly endless amount of decisions. From Virtual Airlines, to Virtual Organizations, we’ve got it all.

Since you’re brand new, I’ll link you a helpful topic to help you out.


As I said, have a great time here! We’re all here to enjoy the experience, and have some fun in the virtual skies. See you around! :)


Hello, welcome to the IF Community. I hope you will have a nice time here!


Hello, welcome! Do you have a fixed call sign, so we can say hello in game😉Also, what’s you’re rating?

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Welcome to the IFC! We hope that you enjoy your time here!

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Welcome to the forum @McLaughlin

Hope you enjoy the stay, here in the community

Welcome to the forum! In addition to what others have said, once you are TL1(trust level 1) you can create a pm with @discobot. Once you have, type

@discobot start new user

This will start a tutorial and take you through the ins and outs of the forum. Once you have completed it type

@discobot start advanced user

This will take you through a more advanced tutorial and complete your understanding of how the forum functions. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to shoot a PM(Private Message) my way!😉

Hello!! Im also New. I hope we Enjoy and meet in the skies!!


Hello, welcome to you as well

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Very big welcome to the forum :)

There are a lot of categories, and you may not find them yet, remember to Search before posting!

Hope you enjoy your time here

Welcome! I reckon it’s so cool you found this place and you took the time to write a little message.

Have a good look around, check out the #tutorials find the pilot tutorial videos on YouTube and contribute.

If you decide to take out a Live subscription on IF (which by far most of us would recommend you to do) search this Forum for ‘violations’ and how to avoid them you may end up being one of the very few flying around with 0 violations!

Have fun! 😊


Welcome to the Community!! :)

Welcome to the community!

I too am quite new here, but it seems like an active and friendly place!

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I am also very new. I just joined a few days ago so I guess I am not alone. Anyways welcome!


Welcome. We all hope you enjoy your time here!

You won’t get many flights done like that 😂😂

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New people come daily

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Welcome aboard! Check out the beginners guide posted above and have fun!

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Welcome to the IFC 😄 @McLaughlin
Great to have you here

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Welcome to the forum! I’m sure you’ll love it here!

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