Hi, I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Michael. I am 13 years old. I love airplanes and infinite flight. This is my first forums attempt so yea! I might start a virtual KLM airline since they are my favorite and they are all i fly! Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.



Welcome to the Forum! If you want to join my Virtual Airline, go here- http://ifcrew.tk

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Welcome! I hope you’ll find this forum as a welcoming and fun place to post, ask questions, and answer some.

See you round!

Best, Boeing707

Thanks guys!

Wellcome!!! I only joined last week, my favourite KLM aircraft 737, it’s classic, what’s yours.

My favorite would be 747-400 KLM. It’s the queen of the sky!

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Does KLM have an A380 in their fleet yet?

No. KLM is a weird airline, theyr are in Europe but they have mostly or all Boeing.


Would be pretty cool to see a Blue A380 lol

@Danny the don’t have the A380 yet and I honestly would be surprised if they ordered any (Maybe if Airbus committed to a combi A380 which is VERY unlikely). Would look nice though :) …

@KLM_Pilot And I like it that way :blush: . They currently have the Airbus A330-200, -300 (Rest in peace MD-11s!) and they have A350-900s on order (Joint-order: AF-KL). Would be nice to see an A320neo or an A320-200 with sharklets in that amazing blue livery.

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@Danny Korean Airline has A380 it’s just little sky blue

@Danny There’s Korean Air

Creds to airliners.net

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@Boeing707 easy paint job if they ever swap planes

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Are you suggesting that KE and KL could someday swap A380s or AF and KL swapping A359s?

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lol not gonna happen just a thought with paint job 😛

Someday Airbus could talk KLM into a sweetheart deal for some A380s, just like they reportedly have been doing with UA…

Ex-Skymark or Ex-Malaysian 380s perhaps?


On a sidenote, hopefully UA ends up with the ex-Skymark frames and TK (Turkish) or JJ (TAM) get the ex-MH frames

Best, Boeing707

Very true.

I honestly thing the A340 would look awesome in the KLM livery,
as it would in the British airways one ;)

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