Hi I’m new

It’s my first time playing


Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the Community!

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Welcome to the community!

Hello there, welcome to infinite flight. You’ll enjoy joining the community of keen aviation enthusiasts 😀🇬🇧

Hi, New.

Im Max :)

(New is an odd name, though)

Have fun and hope to see you in the skies




Hello and welcome to the community!

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Hello and welcome to the community. We hope to see you around. If you have any questions don’ t hesitate to reach out any time.

Hello @Avery3! It’s great to have you here! Soon, you’ll be thrust into the wonderful world of the IFC! It’s an amazing place, with tons of awesome, helpful community members! I’ve linked a guide at the bottom of my post for navigating the Infinite Flight App! We hope you decide to stay here and embark on your new journey!

Keep the Dirty Side down,

Here is the guide for Navigating the Infinite Flight app


Welcome aboard!

Dang you beat me to it


Thanks for having me on

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Hello Avery! Welcome to the Community

Welcome to the community! My inbox is always open for any questions!

If your in th group do you get the locked planes if so how do I get them

You have to buy a Pro Sub to get all the aircraft unlocked and have the whole world fly in and fly with other people on the servers.

How do I get pro sub

Click on where it says “get pro” and choose your duration

I don’t want to make my mother mad my grandmother is paying for me it