Hi I’m new and have some questions

  1. When I use appr in the auto pilot controls, why is there a green “loc” next to a blinking orange “alt” under the button, and when i turn of the auto altitude and keep the vertical speed, why is there a blinking vs instead?

  2. What is the typical landing speed, trim settings, and flap settings for the a330-300? (It’s my favorite plane)

  3. How do I set off spoilers and when is the right time do it?

  4. Whenever I’m landing, i bounce ALOT. I don’t necessarily need to butter, but how do i make it just flat landing?

This goes out to all infinite flight pros and if you reply to any of my questions, thank you so much!



The green ‘LOC’ means you have intercepted the localiser aspect of the ILS and will maintain runway heading. This remains blinking orange until it is established. Typically, the ‘GS’ remains blinking until it is intercepted later, which is the glidescope and will then maintain the vertical speed to the runway.

It varies with weight and personal preferences. I like about 145 knots, +10%trim and flaps F for landing. (It’s also one of my favourites!)

SImply flick the spoilers selection to ‘Armed’ and they will work. I normally do this during descent.

Practice, Practice practice! haha. Perhaps. you have been going too fast?

Welcome and I’m sure we will see you around soon! :D


I used to do that when I first started. Like I would literally skid off the runway. After a while you get used to it. Try flying a jet like a F18 that is easier to land first, then move on to ur commercial jets. You need to slow down a lot (landing is basically a controlled stall) and make your bubble separate from your (idk what you call it, the line that is supposed to line up) so you dont land with nose gear first, or all wheels at the same time like me last time

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Okay! Thanks for the advice!

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Thank you so much! Btw i meant to say flares instead of spoilers, since i just got into aviation I’m not sure what flare is, how to use it or whatever. And i see a blinking vs not gs, thank you though!

As much as I would love it, we do not have the ability to set off flares in game 😂

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No problemo

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@AARONGAMEZ30 these are flares

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Ok haha! I saw another post mentioning it, and I was confused why I couldn’t find the controls anywhere for it.

It’s ok I was like that when I first started too (which is not long ago by the way)

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Welcome to the community @AARONGAMEZ30!

It appears as if you’re forcing a landing. I would recommend putting throttle at 0% and pitching up at 50 feet. It is fine if you float a bit at first, bouncing is more of a problem than floating.

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Ok thank you!


I’m sure you’ll like this.

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Thanks, will be sure to check that out!

I’m also new! Getting the hang really quick and really like the realism. See you all in the friendly skies!


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Tailwind from Cargolux 747 :)

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Thank you! What a wonderful platform so far.

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