Hi I can't log in

Hi I can’t log in it is saying thisScreenshot_20171015-071411

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Restart your application and try again make sure you have good wifi connection

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Ok I will try that thanks

This has been reported amongst me and some friends. I believe it is a server issue, as it is about 5 people.

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Yeah I think it is too

Its happened to me to I can’t log in

Yeah, this is definitely a server issue. 8 people aren’t going to have the same issue because of poor connection (ok this is entirely possible but also incredibly unlikely as I and the people who reported it are all on 10mb/s plus connections)

This could be a major issue there are other threads reporting the same thing hopefully it gets resolved soon

Or maybe it’s just a small issue 😎

Indeed, this is definitely server maintanance/downtime

Hi! Thanks for contacting us on the Infinite Community forum.

The servers are currently being updated, so please be patient as the loading times will decline once they are set up and ready to go. In the meantime, why not have a look around the forum? We have a number of amazing events in #live:events, useful guides in #tutorials and a whole host of interesting requests in #features!

Thanks for your patience,


Ok so I guess all we can do is wait

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Ok thanks for the information Brandon

I was about to make a post and I saw this. Thanks.

Are u ssure u are connected to internet