Hi guys I have a question

Hi guys I have a question hi to all of my infinite flight players including me Do you guys think that the 737-800 737-900-737-700 need to have some animations when you put on your seatbelt signs no smoking signs and all of your lights in the cockpit I think we need some animations for that do you guys agree yes or no leave a comment

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Personally, I don’t really think so, but anyways, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community! Keep liking, commenting, replying, and viewing others posts, and you’ll reach TL2 (Trust Level 2) in which you can possibly make this into a #features request!

Hey Dylan! A very warm welcome to this wonderful community! As of now, we’ve just had the 737 variants redone with live and detailed cockpits in the 20.1 update. The chance of it getting updated again in the near future is slim, but you can always make a Features topic for your request once you reach TL2.

Trust levels (TL) basically give you access to different parts of the forum in stages to provide for a smooth transition from TL1 (basic) to TL3 (regular).

More information on trust levels and the Features category can be found below:

Welcome to the community hope to see you in the air soon!

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