Hi Fly – Airbus A330-200 Turn The Tide On Plastic Livery

Hi Fly, a charter airline based in Portugal. To raise awareness against plastic floating in the world’s oceans, the airline cooperated with a Portuguese boat with the same name as the livery. The boat competed in the Volvo Ocean Race in 2017-2018, finishing 5th in the competition.

The airline painted the aircraft differently in each side. On the dark blue side, the ocean is portrayed as polluted and dirty. The other side is a clean and plastic-free ocean, painted in a lighter shade of blue.

Both the airline and the boat are raising awareness on a very important issue. Plastic pollution in oceans has already had a lot of negative impact on the wildlife that roams the waters of the Earth.

Fortunately, you can still see this plane flying around the world. Though the airline has no regularly scheduled flights, as it operates charter services.

Photo Credit: https://hifly.aero/public/uploads/2019/05/Turn-The-Tide-on-Plastic-flying-all-over-the-world.jpg

More Informations about Hifly and the airbus A330

I think this is a very moving livery and it would help spread awareness so you definitely have my vote on this one.


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I believe this is a great livery! HiFly isn’t currently added to the simulator yet so this would be an awesome addition, almost like Crystal Luxury Air! Not only that it would spread awareness.

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Voted! Love the livery!


Greta Thundberg would be all over this lol.


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